Much of my inspiration in English language teaching derives from my interest in people and cultures, and if, through my own native language and culture, I can help people to help themselves, then I’m happy!


My degree in Tourism Management provided me with a perfect springboard into an international context (mainly Latin America and Spain) in which I developed my English teaching skills - initially as a volunteer for the Red Cross teaching English to young school-refusers, and subsequently in established Language Schools preparing students for Cambridge and Trinity exams.


My online teaching has given me experience in delivering business English courses to company employees, and conversational English classes to young children and retired people (both groups particular favourites of mine!). I love the fresh perspective on life - as well as the challenge! -  which teaching international learners brings, and enjoy the flexibility required in meeting different needs in a language lesson.


I consider it a privilege to help learners to upskill themselves: children or adults in the very first stages of English, or students preparing for advanced certificates - and everything in between. If you’d like help with conversation, or you need to improve your writing skills, or you’d just like a new challenge in your English language development, then do be in touch!


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